Evidence-Based Investing


For over 25 years, Core Capital Management has provided concierge-style service and full transparency to our clients while building a personalized investment portfolio to help them achieve their financial goals which is why we have been named a Top Wealth Management Firm by the Houston Business Journal for 3 years in a row and named a two time Five Star Wealth Manager. Too often, the financial industry treats investors as an account number and not a valued individual with very personal goals and requirements.

Additionally, money managers often make decisions based on speculation, “intuition”, or even emotions. This can help to explain why the SPIVA US Scorecard finds that most managers fail to outperform their benchmarks. Core Capital seeks to eliminate the subjectivity, investment biases and noise that has been detrimental to returns and replace them with a disciplined evidence-based investment strategy.

What is Evidence-Based Investing

Analyzing a large sample of data encompassing nearly 50 years of investment history, Core Capital identifies the factors that drive returns across all market cycles. Applying the evidence of this research, we systematically apply these predictive factors to objectively select individual stocks to achieve superior long term performance.

We work with you to personalize your individual account to help you achieve your goals and objectives. Making objective investment decisions based on data and not on speculation and noise provides clarity and transparency on investment decisions and what is driving your returns.

Is this Robo-Investing?

No. Robo-investing uses algorithms looking for “buying signals” to make and place trades sometimes several times a day. Evidence-based investing uses quantitative research to develop an objective long term strategy eliminating biases and providing transparency and clarity to your personal investment decisions. You have personal goals and needs that can only be achieved through personal service and decisions made in partnership with your trusted financial advisor.

Moneyball and Your Investments

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Changing the Game

Nowhere does history indulge in repetition so often or so uniformly as in Wall Street. When you read contemporary accounts of booms or panics, the one thing that strikes you most forcibly is how little either stock speculation or stock speculators today differ from yesterday. The game does not change and neither does human nature…

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