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Core Capital Management and Research manages investments for discerning individuals for individual and joint accounts as well as retirement accounts (IRA, Roth IRA, SEP). Core Capital is more than just an investment manager for our clients, we are their financial partner. As fiduciaries we are accountable directly to our clients and we still believe in doing what we say.  Our clients deal directly with the decision makers knowledgeable about their accounts instead of dealing with layers of intermediation. We are transparent with trading and management fees as well as investment strategy so our clients always understand the value they receive from working with Core Capital Management.

Unfortunately, for most investors, the service they have received from the big wire-houses and banking firms has been based on marketing, short-term performance obsession, and fee maximization. At Core Capital Management and Research we put our clients first and everything we do is client focused.

We customize each portfolio to meet the specific needs of our clients. Open communication and portfolio customization ensures the right fit for your investments and gives you the comfort knowing that your investments are aligned with your personality and goals.

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