CCRM Services

Core Capital Management and Research manages investments for businesses including corporate accounts, 401(k), defined benefit and Cash Balance Accounts.

Employee Benefit Plans

Core Capital Management will help you manage an existing employee benefit plan or create a new plan. We will work with your tax professional or pension planner or we can provide you with a referral. By properly structuring employee plans, including 401(k), defined benefit and Cash Balance Plans, businesses can reduce their tax exposure and provide long-term financial benefits for their employees.

Why Offer a Retirement Plan for Your Employees?

Offering a retirement plan to your employees will foster long-term loyalty while helping provide future financial security to your employees. Often, employers neglect retirement plans because set up and administration can be costly and complex. By partnering with Core Capital Management and Research, we can ensure your plan is administered as efficiently and in the most cost effective way possible. A properly structured plan can not only add to the benefit and well-being of your employees, but can provide for the owner’s financial security as well.

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