About Us


Core Capital Management and Research, Inc. is a privately owned Registered Investment Advisor located in Houston, Texas with clients around the country. CCMR has a unique investment process that differentiates our service from other investment firms. Working with other esteemed financial researchers from around the country, CCMR has developed a logic based investment process that is based on long-term, return predictive metrics on the U.S. equity market.

Our achievements have been recognized across the industry. CCMR has been named one of the top wealth management firms in Houston for the second year in a row by the Houston Business Journal and has been named a Five Star Wealth Manager for 2016.

What makes Core Capital Management and Research different is simple. We value the client first. Everything we do is client focused — not transaction based.

This simply means the client comes before fees, commissions, or special interests. As part of our process, we give each client a complete presentation of our strategy. This includes managing each account separately according to the risk tolerance and time horizon of the individual. We are sensitive towards each client’s unique needs leading to a strategy tailored specifically to you.