For more than 25 years, Core Capital Management has provided concierge-style service to institutional and private clients, building them a personalized invesment portfolio to help them achieve their financial goals. Our valued clients include trust funds, family offices, institutions and foundations, endowments, charitable organizations, businesses and private investors.

We are proud to announce that our service to our clients has been recognized by the Houston Business Journal who named CCMR one of the top wealth management firms in Houston for the third year in a row and nationally we are honored to be recognized with the Five Star Wealth Managers Award for the second straight year.

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Moneyball and Your Investments

One of my favorite parts from Moneyball is the scene where Brad Pitt is in the room with all the scouts discussing prospective players. He is annoyed over the team’s financial limitations and has come to the realization that if he keeps doing things the old way he is going to keep getting the same results. In a way, we see the scene…


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Brexit and Your Portfolio

If you follow the financial world closely, or let’s face it, if you’ve been half awake over the last couple of weeks, you have heard all you ever wanted to hear about “Brexit.” Listen to one pundit and it’s the end of Europe and the civilized world as we know it. Listen to the next…


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Investing in M&A

Companies that are set to merge or be acquired often look like strong investment opportunities. This is especially true when their stocks are trading below the stock price proposed in the deal. However, stock price differentials are rarely due to an uninformed market. Instead, the shares are being discounted because of the large number of…


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